MkDocs is one of the greatest tools to document your software projects. Combined with the material theme, developers are able to build high-quality documentation websites in minutes. For example

There is just one issue with this approach. At least for me. The theme uses Google Fonts and loads them from Google servers. A no-go under GDPR without the user’s consent.

There is an easy solution: the privacy plugin. However, it’s an insider feature and only available to paying supporters of the theme. I don’t criticize this approach, even open-source projects need funding. How to proceed if one doesn’t want to become an insider?

The theme provides a flag to disable Google fonts entirely and an option to inject custom stylesheets, for example, to load self-hosted fonts. Let’s do it step-by-step.

  fonts: false

- /main.css

Update 2023-12-18

The privacy plugin was released to the free tier in version 9.5.0.