After a system upgrade, I was suddenly unable to share my screen on zoom on my Debian laptop. I’m running Debian Bookwork unstable. This articles serves as a reminder to myself. When I click on ‘Share’, I see the following error message:

Can not start share, we only support Wayland on GNOME with Ubuntu 17 and above, Fedora 25 and above, Debian 9 and above, CentOS 8 and above, OpenSUSE Leap 15 and above,Oracle Linux 8 and above, RHEL 8 and above, Mageia 7 and above, Arch Linux, AnterGos, Manjaro. If your OS is not on the list, please use x11 instead.

Zoom error message

The issues is caused because zoom was able to reliably detect the OS’s version. As described already here for Debian bullseye, you can restore screen sharing by adding

VERSION="99 (sid)"

to /etc/os-release.

Update: I seems that this trick does not work properly with Bookworm testing and the newest version of the zoom client. Alternatively, you can start zoom without Wayland


with limited screen sharing capabilities.