I a recent article, I’ve posted a snipped how to get an interactive terminal in PlayFramework. Back then, I was working on a web service that forwards webhook triggers to web sockets and an Android app connected via Google’s Firebase platform.

Notification flow hooks.sauerburger.com

But the web app itself is not the topic of this article. I’ve used Alpakka’s Google GCM integration to send notifications to my Android app. The server should send out the notifications with the high priority flag. This ensures (or increases the likelihood) to trigger a push notification alert on the phone. The problem is: You cannot set the priority without setting all the options of a akka.stream.alpakka.google.firebase.fcm.FcmNotificationModels.AndroidConfig object. So let’s ask this on stack overflow:

Screenshot from stackoverflow

The question didn’t gain traction, and sadly there was no response.

As it stands, there doesn’t seem to be a method to set the priority conveniently. I ended up forking the Alpakka FCM code and tweaked it until it met my expectations. Ping me if you have the same problem.

Update 2022-06-12: The Stack Overflow question was automatically deleted due to the lack of responses.