Wouldn’t it be nice to have a command-line tool to cut, copy and paste files from one directory to another, even across terminal windows just like you could with nautilus or any other file browser? I present to you: fclip. With fclip it’s easy to copy files from the working directory of one terminal to the working directory of another terminal.

Let’s walk through an example. Assume you have one terminal open in ~/project_1 and another in ~/project_2. To transfer the README.md from Project 1 to Project 2, issue the following set of commands:

# First terminal
~/project_1$ fcopy README.md

# Second terminal on same machine
~/project_2$ fpaste .
~/project_2$ ls README.md  # check that it's there

The full fclip suite includes the following set of self-explanatory commands:

  • fcopy
  • fcut
  • fempty
  • fpaste
  • fstatus